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Fullly Automatic Disc Oil Separator Three Phase Large Capacity Production

Disc Oil Separator Application

This disc type centrifuge is mainly used for regenerating lubricating oils and purifying fuel used on ships or on-land electric stations. It can quickly separate water and impurities from the oil to ensure the regular operation of machines. It can also used for virgin coconut oil in VCO production line.

Disc Oil Separator list


Model Flowrate Inlet pressure Outlet pressure Power Weight
DHZ360 1200-2500 LPH  0.05 MPA 0.1-0.25 MPA 7.5 KW 1280 KG
DHZ470 2500-7000 LPH 0.05 MPA 0.1-0.25 MPA 15 KW 1880 KG
DHZ550 5000-15000 LPH 0.05 MPA 0.1-0.25 MPA 18.5 KW 2200 KG
DHZ700 15000-30000 LPH 0.1 MPA 0.2 MPA 30 KW 3300KG

Disc Oil Separator Advantage   

This special design separator has the full automatic control box which used for safety protection and equips and also been equipped with advanced automatic vibration tester which can view vibrating value at any time.
We can make separating and discharging to the best affection from regulating separation parameter directly at the screen.

1. Continuous feeding
2. High separation factor
3. Automatic residue discharging
4. Concise bowl design without frequent washing

Disc Oil Separator Application
1. Purifiation of animal fat
2. Purification of fish oil
3. Kitchen waste oil
4. Separation of fish pressed liquid


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1) Q: How can we visit your factory?
A: If you come from abroad, air to shanghai airport, then we can pick you up at airport.
If you come from domestic city, air or train directly to Wuxi station. We will pick you up at railway station.
2) Q: How do you ensure the quality of your products?
A: Our Company is a state owned enterprise with more than 30 years experience , strict operation policy is performed,advanced processing machines guarangtee the precision of all components, workers with operation license, parts get multiprocessing,transmission& electrical parts are of international famous brand. Series of test and inspection are done in the whole producing state.
3)Q: What payment methods your company accept
A: We accept most of the payment methods , but mainly accept T/T, L/C at sight .
4) Q: How long is the warranty time for your products?
A: Our officially promised warranty time is 12 months after commissioning .
5) Q: What's the shipment terms and delivery time of your company?
A: Well, the delivery time depend on the quantity of your order. Usually is 20 days . For some customized machine 30 days is necessary.